Yes we are an approved centre. This means you are eligible to claim Childcare Benefit and Childcare Rebate CCB/CCR payments from the Family Assistance Office.

An enrolment form must be fully completed for each family before the child can attend the centre.

Kindergarten children are collected and delivered from and to their classrooms, all other children make their own way over. If it is a late booking staff will go and let your child know, alternatively you can call the school office and they will get a note to your child. Kiama Children are collected from the school office. At before school care the children are taken to the local St Peter and Paul bus stop where staff put them on the bus.

Contact educators as soon as possible so they can arrange the collection your child/ren.

You must notify educators asap by email or phone the centre on 4237 8988 or mobile 0413 498 533.

We aim to ensure the proper care and attention to all children through following specific guidelines regarding all medications given to the children.

To ensure the interest of staff, children and parents are not compromised; medication will only be administered with the explicit permission of the parents or, in the case of an emergency with the permission of a medical practitioner. Specific consideration will also be given to children who are carrying medication in their school bags.

Parents who wish medication to be administered to their child at the centre will complete the medication form providing the following information.

  • Name of medication
  • Date, exact time and dosage to be administered.
  • Signature.

Medication must be given directly to an authorised staff member and not left in the child’s bag. Parents and staff are to ensure the details on the form are clear and clarify any questions.

Staff will store the medication in the designated secure place, clearly labelled. Staff will ensure that medication is kept out of reach of the children at all times.

Medication will only be administered from its original packaging and by authorised staff member.

If your child becomes unwell educators will contact you and you will be asked to come and collect your child. If your child has a fever you will be contacted and asked permission to give paracetamol. The child will be comforted until the parents or emergency contacts takes them home.

In the event of an accident involving a child at the centre, qualified educators will apply first aid, medical attention and/or an ambulance will be called, the parents will be notified ASAP, and an incident report will be provided to you.

The centre aims to provide nutritious and varied food to encourage healthy eating habits of children. Children will be encouraged to develop good eating habits through good examples and education. Parents will be encouraged to share family and multicultural values and ideas to enrich the variety and enjoyment of food by the children. The centre aims to provide the children with an eating environment that promotes family and multicultural values.

BSC Cereal and Toast is always available.
ASC The centre provides a balance of foods that are nutritious and filling. Fruit is offered daily.
VAC and PFD All food is to be provided by parents unless the program states otherwise.

Yes we do! We are a nut free centre and cater for all dietary needs your child may have.

Children are encouraged to develop with staff a range of indoor/outdoor activities that are programmed for the children on a daily basis.

Children are encouraged to play and relax in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. The Centre encourages the children to have a healthy respect for themselves and other people. The termly program is displayed on the notice board for parents and children to view in their own time.

The Centre believes that parents have an important role in the running of the centre and value parent’s comments. The Centre aims to ensure that parents feel free to communicate any concerns they have in relation to the centre, staff, management, programs or policies without fearing negative consequences, and that they are made fully aware of the procedures to do this. Our priority is to do everything possible to improve the quality of our service.

North Kiama OSHC follow the Cancer Council OSHC policy, where we believe in educating children about sun safety. We follow the daily UV ratings, hats are encouraged and children are assisted in applying sunscreen regularly. If your child has reactions to particular sunscreen you are welcome to provide your own.

Children are expected to follow these simple rules whilst attending the centre:

  1. Children are not to leave the centre without a staff member or their nominated pickup person.
  2. Children are to maintain common courtesies to both each other and centre staff.
  3. Children should refrain from using offensive language and unacceptable behaviour.
  4. Unsafe games and the use of physical violence are not accepted.
  5. Children are expected to assist with the cleaning up, and putting away of equipment.
  6. Any equipment deliberately damaged is to be replaced.
  7. No climbing of trees or fences.
  8. Children are to play within the centre boundaries unless with a staff member.

Educators aim to provide a positive approach to managing the behaviour of all children in the centre. Educators will positively communicate with parents regularly if there is an issue with their child.

The centre policy booklet is available on request at the centre.

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