Our centre is operated by a Parent Based Management Committee, and is located within the grounds of Minnamurra Public School, in the progress hall next to the tennis court.
The indoor area comprises of an open space, kitchen, and storeroom. Our outdoor area comprises of a basketball court, tennis court, sandpit, equipment play area, open nature based playground, with lots of shaded play areas.

We recognise that childhood is a unique and valuable stage of life and we strive to maintain a safe, healthy, and respectful environment where each child is encouraged to develop to their full potential.

Educators recognise that children that attend their service are capable and competent decision makers and recipients of rights under the UN Convention of UNCROC. Educators also acknowledge the Framework for School
Aged Children, My Time Our Place, as a document to guide practice.

We believe that effective communication and collaboration between Parents, Staff, Children, the school and the community is crucial, it enables us to continually evaluate and improve our practices to maintain our Exceeding Rating with ACECQA.

We endeavour to create a welcoming environment, were all children and families are respected and are encouraged to actively collaborate with educators about program decisions to ensure that experiences are meaningful.

For more information, please download our booklet below.