Our Before & After School Care operates Monday – Friday on school days, between the following hours:

Mornings: 7:00am-9.00am

Afternoons: 3:00pm-6:00pm

At Before School Care, the children are free to choose their own activities or participate in programmed experiences. A healthy breakfast is available. This includes a variety of cereals, toast, raisin toast, porridge etc.

At After School Care, a healthy nutritious afternoon tea is served at 3.30pm which includes a fresh food platter. Click here for an example weekly menu. We are a nut free environment and cater for children with all allergies and will provide alternatives for your children’s needs. The children again are free to choose their own activities or participate in programmed experiences.

Kindergarten children may finish earlier than normal classes in the first few weeks of the New Year and the Centre will open earlier in the afternoon to accommodate this event.

North Kiama Education Program Philosophy

Educators at North Kiama OSHC recognise that children that attend their service are capable and competent decision makers and recipients of rights under the UN Convention of UNCROC. Educators also acknowledge the Framework for School Aged Children, My Time Our Place, as a document to guide practice.

During OSHC our educators will endeavour to develop understandings with, families, children and fellow educators.

By capturing a holistic view of each child a greater understanding will be developed. There are a number of ways this may be seen through documentation such as, observations, photos, visual diaries, communication with families, art work, learning stories and other records of children learning that are written. These collections of understanding will create a story of the child within the service and foster the growth of the individual’s identity.

The use of reflection books for educators will lead to deeper understandings of children and their families and lead educators to intentional learning opportunities.

Due to the varying nature of After School Care and Vacation Care programs and the transient nature of Vacation Care, documentation for Vacation Care may be different from each service and from what is seen in the After School Care Environment. The Vacation Care program will however try to capture both the individual and group participation.

Our OSHC team believe that the best way for educators to get to know children and truly understand them is by being actively involved with their play and learning. Educators are encouraged to reflect on the experiences that children are engaged in, while ensuring that reflection is a common practice, educators should not allow it to diminish from the experience.
OSHC educators endeavour to make documentation easily understood by families and fellow educators while also reflecting a level of professionalism. Educators will encourage families to share information about their children which in turn will influence the OSHC environment and program.

Our educators encourage children to know their rights, voice their opinion and provide opportunities for their voices to be heard. Children may decide they do not want their photo taken or they may not want to be included in the documentation process their privacy will be respected and acted upon. Educators will reflect on this and make notes in their reflection books to ensure children are included in their program without compromising their views and wishes.