When enrolling your child, an enrolment form must be complete and a current photo of your child provided for identification purposes. The Co-ordinator is to go through the form with the parents prior to starting care to ensure all the details have been completed. When a parent is having difficulty in completing the form, an enrolment interview should be conducted and, if necessary, organised in the parent’s first language.

The enrolment form must contain all relevant details relating to personal, medical and custodial details for each child, parent or guardian and emergency contacts along with any special requirements relating to that child. If a child is subject to an access order or agreement, the service must have a copy on record plus any subsequent alteration registered by the court. Evidence of court orders or agreements will be considered part of the enrolment in order to minimise the likelihood of distressing situations occurring in the future. Your child will be teamed up with an older child (Buddy) and introduced to children their own age on enrolment to make the new transition into the centre easier for your child to settle in.